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LG Microwave Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintaining your LG microwave will require regular and detailed cleanings, both for the outside of the unit and the inside cavity. This will help to prevent expensive repairs in the future. Here are some tips to help you keep your microwave running smoothly.

Always wipe down the inside with a moist sponge after you use your microwave. You can also use a mild soap if water alone won’t work, but avoid heavy cleaners or solvents. As with any electrical appliance, rubbing alcohol is the best liquid cleaner to use because it won’t damage the electrical components. For bigger cleaning jobs, heat up a cup of water inside your microwave for five minutes or so. This essentially gives the microwave a more thorough cleaning because of the steam, and you can add a little bit of lemon juice for a deeper cleaning. Anything that is encrusted on the inside cavity of the unit can cause arcing, which is the term used to describe sparking inside microwaves. If you notice any burn holes or other damages inside your LG microwave oven, stop using your microwave and call one of our microwave repair technicians right away.

Clean the outside of your LG microwave with the same method you used to clean the inside cavity. Try not to get the door latch wet when using a spray bottle to clean the outside of the unit. Basically, try not to let moisture through any openings, such as the holes used for ventilation. You also want to avoid getting moisture inside the touchpad.

LG Microwave Inspection

Aside from regular cleanings for your microwave, you should check your microwave occasionally to see if there are any obvious problems. After giving the inside of the microwave a visual inspection, make sure there’s no damage to your cord or plug. Next you should see if it the plug is loose when you plug it in. Keeping the ventilation holes clean and clear of food particles will increase ventilation and decrease the chances of overheating. Give us a call for professional service if your microwave has overheated.

Loud or unusual noises could also indicate your microwave is in need of repairs. You may have a belt that needs replacing if your microwave is squeals when you turn it on. Your motor might need to be replaced or greased if you begin hearing grinding noises. While your microwave does make some noise when in operation, you should easily be able to tell if it’s making any unusual sounds. If you do hear anything strange, stop using your LG microwave and give us a call immediately. Our service techs will quickly diagnose and repair the problem. It may even be as simple as lubricating or replacing a minor part, but this service could also keep you from needing expensive repairs or having to replace your microwave oven in the near future.

LG Microwave Service

At All–Pro, our professional repair experts keep up with trainings and technological advancements, which helps us stay up to speed on all built–in LG microwave ovens. Our customers know they are getting the best LG microwave repair services Virginia, Washington, DC,  Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Maryland and the surrounding area when they call with us, because we’ve built a reputation for unmatched customer care and expert service. Call us today to discuss any issue you may be having with your LG microwave and to schedule an appointment with one of our repair technicians.